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KRWP Annual Membership Meeting March 31st

Notice to All Members:

The Kings River Watershed Partnership's annual meeting will be held Thursday, March 31, at 6pm, at the Berryville Community Center. Three board members will be elected at this meeting. We will conduct annual business, have a speaker and refreshments. We encourage all members to attend this annual business meeting.


On Thursday February 11 at 6 pm, a regular board meeting will be held in the Medical Arts meeting room at Mercy Hospital in Berryville. At this meeting we will consider revising the by-laws to remove the provision about term limits for board members. Currently board members can serve a maximum of 3 terms of 3 years each. We are having difficulty finding members to serve on the board. We will also nominate members for election at the annual meeting. If any member is interested in serving on the KRWP board, please contact Glenda at prior to the February 11th meeting.



KRWP River Cleanup - June 6th - Osage Creek


Kings Armada-Cleaned Up 11 miles of Osage Creek above the confluence with the Kings River - June 6, 2015


On Saturday, June 6th, fifteen dedicated river cleaners turned up for the annual Carroll County portion of the Kings River Clean up, which had been postponed from the previous week due to high water. Longtime organizer Ray Warren made the call that the Kings was still flowing too fast to make it feasible to see or collect tires and difficult even for trash collecting, so instead, it was decided that the group would tackle a stretch of Osage Creek that feeds into the Kings and can be a source of some of the debris that makes its way into the larger river.


Butch Hanby permitted the 'Armada' participants to launch from his farm access. The group covered 11 miles, all the way to the confluence with the Kings River at the Hwy. 62 bridge. There was not as much recent-looking debris, a cause for celebration. However, heavy rains had sent a number of plastic feed bins into the creek, and there were several places where it appeared that people might be disposing of articles by pushing them over bluffs to land along the banks.


Aaron Thompson admires the Kings Armada's treasure trove hauled out of Osage Creek this year.

Several shattered TVs were found, along with a notebook computer, washing machine elements, battered aluminum cans, and many plastic bags. It was a long day of paddling and trash collecting, but the end result was a trailer so packed with tires, metal and plastic bins that the sacks of loose trash were consigned to the bed of a pickup truck.


At the cook out following the clean up, the group enjoyed live music and BBQ, and door prizes donated by area merchants. Gail Deweese won the kayak that was raffled off. Many thanks to all who came to take part in this 10th year of annual clean-ups, and to the members and merchants who also support the Kings River Watershed Partnership in monitoring and protecting this valuable shared resource.



A big thank you to all of participants and to area sponsors for this event!






10th Annual Madison County Kings River Cleanup


On April 18th, a small but dedicated band braved high water and rain to spend the day digging up tires, collecting debris, including a toilet, child's bike, a battered road sign, the drum from a cement mixer, corrugated metal panels, plastic tubing and several giant wads of baling twine in a rainbow of colors, and much more. They thank Jack McCullough for allowing them to park the trash trailer on his property, and to Madison County Solid Waste for taking the material for proper disposal.

A big thank you to the residents of Madison County. Each year the river is getting less trash and debris!


Results of Madison County Cleanup


1916-Moreland Swimming Hole - Grandview Summer days gone by at the Moreland swimming hole near Grandview-1916.



1916-Moreland Swimming Hole - Grandview Hudson Bluffs in more recent times.



Ray Warren at KRWP River Cleanup-2009 Safety First! at 2009 river cleaunp.

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The Kings River Watershed Partnership, located in Northwest Arkansas, is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2001. It is a cooperative effort founded by local people and organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes; more specifically to protect the health, purity, and economic viability of the Kings River watershed, now and for future generations.


The membership of KRWP includes local citizens, from all walks of life, who are interested in protecting the Kings River Watershed. View Large Map (715 Kb)


Diversity of features in the watershed is a characteristic of the region and is reflected in the range of interests of the membership. Among the members there are property owners, small business owners, fisherman, poultry growers, recreational enthusiasts, farmers, cattlemen, conservationists, educators, retirees, and families that picnic, float, swim, and fish in the river and its tributaries.