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Stream Corridor Restoration

Map of Mill Branch Creek, location of stream restoration project by KRWP in 2010Mill Branch Creek - a project to demonstrate and document stream restoration practices which can be shared with landowners and community members in order to reduce the amount of sediment entering the Kings River. The goal is to provide tools that landowners can use to address, or more importantly, to abate the problem of stream-bank destabilization and subsequent erosion.

Project Update - March 20, 2012 PDF of slideshows presented by Joe Scott, Berryville Parks Department director.

More information on the impact of sedimentation on water quality in the Kings River Watershed... see KRWP Landowner's Handbook --- or specific info in Section 3 on sedimentation.

The proposed restoration site is a 1,105 foot stretch along Mill Branch, a tributary of Osage Creek. Mill Branch flows directly through Berryville, Arkansas (population: 4,745), the only incorporated city within the Kings River Watershed. This stream acts as a catchment for approximately 40% of the urban area. One mile downstream from the project site, Mill Branch serves as the receiving stream for effluent from the Berryville Wastewater Treatment Facility. Through landowner interviews and numerous site visits, it is estimated that this reach has contributed approximately 7,000 ft3 of sediment in the past year.

The City of Berryville expressed an interest in restoring the stream bank at the project site during the KRWP watershed planning meetings in 2005. Over the past two years the City has explored a few avenues for restoration, but all options became either too expensive (lining the stream with rip rap) or technically challenging for a small city to employ. At its present rate of erosion, the stream is estimated to erode into the Cityís new skateboard park, located along the streamís banks, in less than 3 years. Berryville is very interested in transforming the area into an attractive greenspace that is useful for both the public and wildlife.

Local Partners for this project

Mill Creek at high flow
Mill Creek view upstream near Berryville Community Center
Mill Creek - low flow
Mill Branch Creek after a rain
Mill Branch Creek - view upstream
Mill Branch Creek at low flow

Construction at the site will involve installing approximately twelve structures along the length of the stream to create a series of pools. This pool system with help to slow the flow of water which will reduce erosion and help the stream maintain a more stable depth and habitat. The steep banks will be re-sloped and secured with rock to prevent further damage. Native limestone and sandstone will be used for the project. Once construction is complete, the riparian corridor will be reestablished with grasses, shrubs and trees. The Berryville Chamber of Commerce is exploring plans for a walking path at the site to draw visitors.

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