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Madison County River Cleanup - Saturday April 26th

Map-Where to meet for spring river cleanup at Marble Arkansas


Meet at Marble Access, just west of the Kings River Store and Gas station on 412 in Marble at 8am. We will clean approximately 6-7 river miles and have arranged to have a great take-out point generously provided by private landowners that will make for an easy shuttle. Dress for the weather and bring a lunch and extra drinking water. Call Ray Warren with any questions or last-minute updates at 870 654-4134.



River Cleanup Announcement - Spring/Summer 2014


2013 Kings River Cleanup - Carroll County



Earth Day 2013 Cleanup - Madison County


The A Team covered a section of river from Marshall Ford to the mid-way point The Madison County cleanup was another successful event for the Kings Armada. This year we were able to work 17 miles of the Kings River form Marshall Ford to Rockhouse Landing recovering 54 tires, a pick-up load of trash and 200 pounds of metal.


Two intrepid members of the Kings Armada wrangling a load. Thank you to the 15 local paddlers who braved the chilly start and a swift river. Also thank you to the private property owner for help with access to a difficult section of the river. Thanks to Michael Fitzpatrick and Kings River Outfitters for help with the long shuttles. Again as always thanks to Madison County Recycling for the big job of taking on those 54 tires.

Kings River Cleanup - June 2, 2012

Kings River Watershed Partnership's second clean-up of 2012 was a big success, in spite of water levels that were too low for paddling. This year's effort was to focus on public and private accesses, dump sites and favorite fishing holes. The items recovered included 35 tires, a lead acid battery, an old cook stove, several household appliances and 4.5 cubic yards trash. Thank you to the 34 volunteers. Some traveled from Fayetteville and Springdale. Many of them are regular participants including Boy Scout Troop 67.

Twenty-seven businesses and organizations from Berryville, Eureka Springs, Green Forest and Northwest Arkansas, donated resources that helped to make this event a big success. Please thank these folks for supporting the Kings River next time you see them:


Carroll County Solid Waste Authority Kings River Rapids LLC  Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters, Fayetteville
Pack Rat Outdoors Center Ozark Mountain Trading Co.  Lewis and Clark Outfitters, Springdale
Hunnicut Animal Health Turner Bend Store, Ozark  Steve's Septic Service
Delphia Dreams The Daily Roast  Granny's Place
Caribe Restaurant Wild Blue Yonder  Sparky's Restaurant
Bubbas BBQ Kings River Adventures  Kings River Outfitters
Main Liquor Meek's Lumber  Ozark Cafe
KFC Berryville Liquor  KTHS Radio Station
Pizza Hut Good Times Pizza  New Fitness



Rock House Access Trash River Cleanup Group-2012
Rock House Access after Memorial Day


Caring for the Kings River
Loading Up Trash Trailer Load
Claire Allison checks out the load A hard day's work and a cleaner river!

Spring 2012 River Cleanup - Madison County ~ Earth Day

Here's the report from Ray Warren:

"We had a really good clean-up Saturday. I think the cold start kept some away. We had eight paddlers instead of our usual 20. Thanks Lin, she wrangled a couple of friends visiting from Fla. We stopped for lunch at a scenic bluff and the property owner was there, who graciously offered to let us off- load what we had on his property and start after lunch with empty boats. We recovered 44 car tires, 6 truck tires, 2 agri tires, several bags of trash, some metal and a fuel tank that surprisingly still had some fuel (and sand)."


Rock House Access Trash River Cleanup Group-2012
A Bounty of Spring Trash


Grey Hauls It In


Loading Up Trash Trailer Load
Trash or Treasure? Kings Armada Strikes Again!


2011 River Cleanup

Kings River Armada-Group River Treasures
2011 Kings River Armada What else? A water heater


Forty people participated in the summer 2011 cleanup in Carroll County. The total haul included 64 tires, 1 water heater, one-and-a-half canoes, 1 table saw, 2 televisions, a faceless Barbie, most of a picnic table, a porta potty door, a coil of cable, a football helmet ,and many bags of trash. The stretch of river covered from Rock House to Grandview. A good time was had by all.


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Spring 2010 River Cleanup

April 17th the Kings Armada with a crew of 19 paddlers and 16 boats, covered 11.3 miles of King's River in Madison County beginning at the Marble access and ending at Marshall Ford. We removed 20 tires of various sizes, 350 gallons of trash and 200 pounds of metal. Once again, thanks to Randy Hudson for allowing us to use his property to cut this long section in half. Also a special thanks to the folks at Madison County Recycling Center for help disposing of the trash.



Sixty four businesses, organizations, and individuals from Berryville, Eureka Springs, Green Forest and Northwest Arkansas, donated resources that helped to make this event a huge success. KRWP thanks you!

Boy Scouts Troop 67


June 4th the King's Armada with the help of over 50 paddlers and a couple of dozen boats, covered 38 miles of King's River in Carroll County. We removed 86 car tires, 7 tractor tires, 2 loader tires, an outhouse door, a child's merry go round, 5.3 yards of rubbish, a TV and a lead acid battery. Special thanks again to Twilla Tabor for helping organize the 1st ever cleanup from Stoney Point to the Romp Hole. Also special thanks to the Bluegrass band - Southern Zephyr, Eureka Springs Boy Scout Troop 67, Eureka Springs Time Bank, and 12 paddlers from the Ozark Society in Washington County. And once again special thanks go to Carroll County Solid Waste Authority for their ongoing help with our river cleanups.




Emily Johnson - kayak winner with Claire Allison (project coordinator), and                     board members Ray Warren and Grey Squires Intrepid 2010 River Cleanup Group from spring Madison County cleanup. Slideshow link- group photo
Emily Johnson - 2010 Kayak Winner 2010 Spring Cleanup Group Click to Download Slideshow