KRWP 2007 Annual Membership Meeting

A large standing room only crowd attended the meeting at the Carroll Electric Cooperative building in Berryville on January 25, 2007. A total of 176 paid-up members were listed, with 144 voting for three open positions on the partnership's board of directors.

The final total vote tally for each position-

Agriculture:  Troy Cline - 86,  Mark Lawson - 58
City/Community:  Randy Hudson - 88,  Morris Lawson - 45
Property Owners:  Don McClung - 103,  Michael Fitzpatrick - 41

Welcome to the new board members - Madison County cattleman, Troy Cline, of Kingston; Randy Hudson a retired engineer from the Marble area; and local realtor and poultry grower, Don McClung, of rural Eureka Springs.

Three speakers made presentations to the membership and public in attendance. Sam Davis, KRWP Water Quality Monitoring Chairman, reported on the partnership's water testing program. Shawna Miller, KRWP Project Coordinator summarized the voluntary watershed plan. Page Shurgar highlighted a stream bank restoration project that the partnership is working on to assist local property owners with erosion problems, in conjunction with the Carroll and Madison County Conservation Districts.

A number of members asked questions and expressed concerns about issues including the removal of gravel from local streams, protecting personal property rights, best management practices for land owners, and the role of government.

Twilla Scarborough received the Volunteer of the Year Award, for her efforts on last year’s Kings River cleanup.

Recipient of the Land Steward of the Year Award was Osage area farmer Brent Fry, in recognition of his best management practices.

Nancy Wines, of Eureka Springs, was the winner of the drawing for the kayak generously donated by Lewis and Clark Outfitters of Springdale, Arkansas. Thanks to all of you who made donations in support of the Kings River Watershed Partnership!

A special thank you to three departing board members - Bill Ross, Ann Armstrong, and Michael Fitzpatrick, for their countless hours of volunteer work and for their care and concern about this special place, the Kings River.

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